It’s pretty easy being GREEN!


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Our fabulous Office Manager Belinda is celebrating the HorizonOne office having it’s ACTSmart Business Recycling accreditation renewed!!

We were first accredited as an ACTSmart Business in 2013 and have continued to work towards greater environmental responsibility each year since then and have been recognised in 2014, 2015 and now 2016!

By developing a waste management plan, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of waste going from our office to landfill as well as help educate our team members on better recycling habits. We are very proud to be recognised as a business that is actively recycling and being environmentally responsible.

For more information on the program please visit the ACTSmart website. 



May Contractor of the Month


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Sandra corrigan

This month our contractor of the month is Sandra Corrigan. Sandra has been a part of our contracting team for a number of years now and is well-liked and respected by the whole H1R team.  Working at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection within their Capability and Change Management Team, Sandra has proven herself to be invaluable and has seen her contract extended well beyond its original term.

Hardworking, experienced and a pleasure to work with, Sandra is a most deserving winner of this accolade.  

April Contractor of the Month


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This month, our contractor of the month is Ian James. Ian is part of our hard working team of scribes and is constantly going above and beyond in his work, with clients often competing to book his services. Not only are his technical scribing skills exemplary, he is highly valued for his wealth of knowledge and ability to provide insight and guidance to panel members.

Ian is also just about the nicest guy you could meet, he is a wonderful character and well-liked by all in the H1 office.

Massive congratulations to Ian, a most deserving recipient of this accolade.

5 Moves to C Suite Executive Hiring Success


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iStock_000087349929_LargeBy David Harrington

Hiring at the top is a critical event for any company, as the future of the organisation is at stake. Many Boards don’t contemplate their executive selection processes until their incumbent departs, sometimes at relatively short notice. In these situations, the search can be driven by response to crisis rather than a planned approach to select a great leader who will take the organisation to the next level.

Executive succession planning processes should form a core part of the organisation’s people strategy. Here’s our top tips on getting right;

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Why the hell would you choose a career in recruitment?


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By Simon Cox

This is a question I have been asked too many times to count.

So how did I end up in recruitment? How does anyone? My answer to this is like many others in the profession…I stumbled into it and put simply….it just fits.

A more constructive question however would be, what have I gained from the experience, and why would I recommend this career path to others?

So in answer to your burning question, here are some great reasons why you might consider a career in recruitment: Continue reading

How to Find Meaningful Work


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video banner

I am a big fan of Alain de Boton’s writing and more recently I have tuned in with admiration and curiosity into his project ‘The School of Life’s’ YouTube channel.

The School of Life has the ambitious goal of helping the world understand the great questions of life through simple philosophies and supporting people to develop Emotional Intelligence.  Addressing the huge gap between education, family and publicly available information, the school of life approach could be described as a common sense revolution.

We are keen to share several of their videos over time that pertain to recruitment and decisions around your career.  This video addresses an issue that the team at HorizonOne spend many hours discussing with candidates each year.

How to find meaningful work addresses what is a relatively new (chronologically speaking) ‘1st world problem’.  A new ideal has arisen meaning many people are seeking work that delivers for them a real sense of purpose, rather than work simply being a necessity.

The modern day career crisis… job did not make me feel whole today. What should I do?

I will leave you to get on with the video, but the answer to this new conundrum like many, seems to be ‘know yourself’.

How is the Canberra region job market looking in 2016?


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_DSC5751Canberra’s job market recovery is progressing positively and steadily, with recruitment activity increasing sharply and niche candidate markets are looking to make good on skill shortages.

I have summarised some of the highlights in the numbers and follow with our observations and insight.

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Effective Board Selection – ‘not jobs for mates’


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There are no doubts that the highest performing organisations have an even higher performing Board. One of the toughest challenges facing many organisations, particularly those in the non-profit (or ‘for purpose’) sector, is how to move from an elected representative Board of Directors to an appointed skills-based Board.

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January Contractor of the Month


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This month, our contractor of the month is Natasha Percival. Working as a Regulatory Officer at the Clean Energy Regulator, Natasha has become an integral part of the auctions team. She has been praised for her ability to pick up new systems and regulations very quickly, and she has proven very adaptable adding value across multiple business areas.

Her willingness to go above and beyond is reflected in the excellent feedback we have received about her stakeholder management and ability to handle complex enquires. Above all, her team reports that she is a pleasure to work with.

A massive congratulations to Natasha for this fantastic feedback, enjoy treating yourself on us!!

Throw out your stale Vision, Mission and Values


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Teenagers Young Team Together Cheerful Concept

Rediscover ‘the why’ of your business

An organisation’s Vision, Mission or Values have traditionally been a fairly static statement of intent sitting in a business plan or on a website page barely seeing the light of day.  It is supposed to represent the central value of an organisations existence, but the words and intent often appears so generic or bland that the meaning and impact is lost on the average punter. Sometimes they are written as more of a marketing exercise to depict how an organisation wants to appear to external parties without taking into consideration how it impacts their people.

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